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Meet Oregon’s Apple User Groups

Welcome to Oregon’s active community Apple User Groups (registered with Apple’s Users Groups program). Also known as Macintosh User Groups (MUG), each group has a User Group Ambassador (the main liaison with Apple’s program). We encourage …


What we are tuning into

If you care, you share … Apple User Group folk are sharing people, so OMUG will update and share monthly what is impressing us in the categories below. Not everyone may agree with our picks, …

Oregon scenery News

About Oregon

Welcome to Oregon. OMUG provides this introduction to our state (founded February 14, 1859), it’s geography, culture and traditions, for our out-of-state visitors. Don’t miss a few goodies we’ve included on this page — so keep reading, …


OMUG creations: You Don’t Know Mac! statewide event

You Don’t Know Mac! OMUG’s statewide event creation has been an amazing journey, for all Oregon MUGs and beyond. The idea for a statewide event to bring all of Oregon’s MUGs together came at a …

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Dan’s Tutorials

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About this new website

Our new website is the result of a new collaboration. Thanks in great part to the idea from and efforts of Dan (and his wife Beth) Wassink and his Dan’s Tutorials enterprise, OMUG was happy …

Oregon MacPioneers User Group (Omug)

The Oregon MacPioneers User Group (OMUG) is a long-running, nationally-recognized statewide, all-volunteers-run community Apple Users Group which, among supporting its own members, specializes in helping other Apple Users Groups. Like all registered Apple Users Groups, we are an independent organization, separate of Apple, Inc. We are also known as a Macintosh Users Group, or MUG (this was the official acronym before Apple Computer became Apple Inc. and expanded its product base beyond computers).

OMUG is based in Corvallis, Oregon, home of the Oregon State University Beavers. Although we do have in-person meetings and individual members, OMUG’s main purpose is to help other Oregon MUGs, and other Apple User Groups — and we do the latter primarily online (sometimes referred to as a virtual group).

We welcome feedback from other Apple User Groups (including those that are happy using WP as their group’s main site). You can add your feedback in any Comments posting to any of our blogs here. If you are not a member of an Apple Users Group and would like to find the one nearest you, please visit Apple’s worldwide Apple Users Group site and use the Locator to find one in your state (or other country). You’ll discover that MUGs are made up of folk just like you — friendly, sharing, curious and loyal Apple users.

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