About this new website

Our new website is the result of a new collaboration.

Thanks in great part to the idea from and efforts of Dan (and his wife Beth) Wassink and his Dan’s Tutorials enterprise, OMUG was happy to be one of the pioneering sites created to showcase an easier, less labor intensive way for Apple User Groups (especially those without websites) to have and maintain up-to-date, professional looking sites.

Our site foundation, account, and WordPress tools are based in Dan’s Tutorials domain. We have full control of entering new content, making changes and creating the “look and feel” of our site. We have found this collaboration to be a very helpful one to have a presence online with either a small staff or requiring less time or effort.

Plus, we are proud to give the excellent Dan’s Tutorials (educational videos on all things Apple and more) even more exposure to Apple User Group members around the world. So, in essence, the winning formula looks something like this (yeah, we checked our math):

Your MUG + Your Content/Personality/Style + Your Look & Feel + Dan’s Tutorials = A nice-looking, purposeful group website

Look for an introduction to this collaboration offer soon via the Apple User Groups Bulletin, from Dan’s Tutorial site … and of course here.

And welcome to the new home of the Oregon MacPioneers User Group (OMUG)!


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