PSA: “The iPhone of Forehead Thermometers” on sale at Amazon

We are not in the market of further enriching bazillionares at, but when we spot an item that truly is worthy of helping us, we want you to know about it (after all, Apple User Groups are — still — made up of people; the clone bots will come later … winky, winky). So this is a health-related Public Service Announcement (PSA) …

Featured in an article of March 25 by BGR, this hand-held forehead thermometer could have been designed by Apple.

If you need a good forehead thermometer, grab this one soon while it is discounted to $20 on Amazon. How do we know it’s good? We bought one months ago, and have gifted 3 others to family in other states.

Spread the good word to your members, Leaders. — OMUG

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