“Say Cheese!” — Yes, literally (Shortcut Tip)

“Say Cheese!” — Yes, literally (Shortcut Tip)

We are on the fence with Apple’s Shortcuts (iOS) app; it offers a lot of possibilities, and better, templates. But whether it’s the interface or just that we have found it a bit clunky (semi-difficult) to work with it’s still worth experimenting. For fans of the Apple Automator app on the Mac side, it’s now the new automation path that Apple is trying to cement in place.

On the positive side, some of the templates in Shortcuts are easy to add … and invoke.

Here’s an easy one: Open the Shortcuts app (make sure you are viewing All Shortcuts); do a search for “Say Cheese” … add it to your Shortcuts. Now active, here’s the best way to try it out — invoke Siri (“Hey, Siri …”) then say “Say Cheese”!

What happens?

The Say Cheese Shortcut opens the Shortcuts app then takes a photo using your front-facing camera on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. You will see the Shortcuts app open, then listen carefully and you will hear the familiar “click” snapshot sound of the camera. Now, check your recents photos in the Photos app — whatever you were pointing your camera at is now there!

This is also cool to try if your iPhone is on a tripod or stabilized on a surface and you want to be in the picture.

Not surprisingly, this shortcut if very popular in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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