Why OMUG no longer accepts new members to our site

Why OMUG no longer accepts new members on our site

(UPDATE:  We still get the occasional New Member Requests, so we wanted to push this previous post back to the top in hopes it saves those who wanted to join OMUG some time, or wasted effort).

We had previously invited Apple User Group members, specifically Leaders, to join our OMUG site as members. It was a test run at what you might call an open membership, or beyond our borders. This provided us a way to to send or point to helpful MUG content, such as alerting those to new posts or special events OMUG was planning. Regretfully, we have decided to close the “Apply As New Member” function of the OMUG site due to abuse to that area. We suffered a rash of spam applications (bogus names and email addresses).

Apparently the WordPress basics do not provide a good enough protection for that function (they may if you pay for a higher level tier), at least that is our experience.

Thus, our apologies for not being able to respond, reply to the legitimate requests because it was difficult to verify the good from the bad. We hope you are reading this post and now better understand why OMUG did not respond to the “New Member” requests.

We do hope you will continue to visit the OMUG website for all the right Apple User Group reasons. And thank you.

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