Experience the unique weekend PMUG creation called MacCamp, Oct. 20-22

Fall MacCamp by PMUG, October 20-21-22 — IN-PERSON !

The Portland Macintosh User’s Group is pleased to host another MacCamp, a weekend-long experience focusing on in-depth instruction and hands-on training opportunities far beyond the General Meeting presentations. The friendly social atmosphere provides additional learning opportunities and the frequent occurrences of new friendships.

The dates are Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, October 21-22, 2023. PMUG has determined that safety protocols are in place to hold once again an IN-PERSON MacCamp, in beautiful Sandy, Oregon … whoohoo! PMUG’s MacCamp is a twice-a-year weekend event that is a unique blend of Apple and technology classes, cabins, meals, outdoor beauty and hikes, friends, laughs and surprises. MacCamp has been a PMUG tradition since the mid-80s! Currently PMUG is alternating between one in-person MacCamp and one online Zoom-hosted MacCamp.

The in-person MacCamp is worth every penny, and you still have time to reserve your room, so sign up fast!

You can view the agenda, classes info, instructors and latest updates, and sign-up/register for this MacCamp on the PMUG website’s MacCamp page.

Here is OMUG’s slideshow video creation saluting the spirit of MacCamp … enjoy:

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