Eugene says goodbye to EMUG, final meeting was Oct. 20

The family of Oregon Apple User Groups loses a classic community MUG

Aloha EMUG!

EMUG held its final meeting/wake from 6-8 pm Wednesday, Oct 20th in Eugene. EMUG said it gathered with appropriate COVID protocol gear (Masks were required to be worn until members were seated and while moving around).

When a long-running community Apple Users Group makes the hard decision to call it quits, it’s much like watching a dying star’s light fade from view — in this case in the twinkling Apple universe sky. You are looking for an old friend up in the MUG constellations … but you can no longer find them.

After decades of providing Apple wisdom, support, laughs and friendship to Eugene and the surrounding areas, the Eugene Macintosh Users Group (EMUG) leaders came to what felt like a seemingly inevitable decision that their shrinking officer staff, membership — and an almost final kick in the rear end by the global pandemic calling a halt to in-person meetings for more than a year — and all the other variables that MUGs must compete with in today’s online world … well, sometimes the batteries just won’t recharge themselves anymore.

There are, of course, a lot of good memories and events in the life of an active MUG. One of OMUG’s favorites was EMUG as one of the participating 3 MUG teams on-stage at the annual “You Don’t Know Mac!” Statewide UG Celebration event in 2000, in Newport (hosted by MUGport), for the trivia contest. Richard was one of the 3 EMUG team members, and Kerry was there to support EMUG.

The YDKM Event that year was held on a small stage at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. Our special guest Master of Ceremonies was none other than Apple co-found Steve Wozniak. It was just one of those shared memories you can’t forget.

Our best wishes and salute go to EMUG leaders Richard, Kerry, Webb, Richard, and Larry, and all the good members we’ve met over the decades. Some of them have, or plan to, join other Apple user groups in Oregon, such as the Portland MUG or Corvallis MUG.

Thank you, and aloha, EMUG.

(Posted image above: Oregon Ducks checking out the new QuackBook Air.)

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