User Group University for UG Leaders — Presenters, Leaders new website resource!

Event Date: 04/15/2024 5:00 pm

Event Time Zone: (UTC-7:00) Mountain Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Time

Apple World User Group University — Topic:

Presenters, Leaders new website resource!

Don’t think that Apple user groups are relevant anymore? Think again, and think different.

A lot of Macintosh users like to use convenient cleaning utility software tools to increase the performance of their max from time to time. However, there are some cautions and hair-raising stories about online versions of this software group. Others report that they love it and use it. So this meeting will be an open discussion about the pros and cons of using utilities.

User Group Leaders, the next Apple World User Group University meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 15, 2024, at 5p Central, via Zoom. 

If you have attended before, an invitation to this Zoom Meeting will be sent to you this weekend (a download of the free Zoom app in advance is also necessary, and the latest version/update will be important for existing users). All AWUGU previous registrants will receive an invitation to all future meetings.

To become a participant, any interested Apple User Group leader must first register with the AWUGU Coordinator by emailing their name, location, and user group name and web link to

All previous AWUGU attendees will receive an automatic invitation to this meeting. Registration must be received at least 3 days before the meeting in order to receive a Zoom Meeting invitation (a download of the most recent free Zoom app in advance is also necessary).  Your Zoom invitation will be sent soon after registering.
Please encourage your users group Leaders to attend.

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