Guy Kawasaki : The Remarkable People podcasts

Event Date: 04/10/2024 10:00 pm

Event Time Zone: (UTC-7:00) Mountain Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Time

Guy Kawasaki is known for being Apple’s best-known evangelist during the world-changing days of the Macintosh development and beyond. He is currently the evangelist for Australia based CANVA, a graphics and design app/service “for the rest of us.” Among other ventures in and out of the tech industry, Guy is also a best-selling author, with greats like Art Of The Start, Enchantment, and his latest, Wise Guy (see the book jacket below).

Kawasaki says maybe his best effort to date is his Remarkable People podcast, where he interviews some amazing people across a wide spectrum of trades and knowledge. His weekly episodes feature his upcoming guests and often include questions from viewers. Each episode lasts roughly 40-45 minutes … unless the surf is up!

The every Wednesday podcast episodes can be found on Apple Podcasts and other major podcast services.

You can catch up on all things Kawasaki at his website.

Wise Guy, by Guy Kawasaki

Copyright photo by Steve/OMUG

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