Corvallis MUG closes its door today after 38 years

Event Date: 08/31/2022 11:00 pm

Event Time Zone: (UTC-7:00) Mountain Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Time

Corvallis MUG closes its door today after 38 years

We wrote about the sad news on our post on this site some weeks ago. And now that day is here.

The Corvallis, Oregon Apple Users Group (CMUG) will cease to exist as community, Apple Users Group registered, group after today, August 31, 2022. Please find and read the post for more details, the reasons. And light a candle. We are proud of the good work CMUG did all these decades, and of all the good folk who made up the group. Like many of our other Oregon Macintosh User Groups we have a passion and spirit to educate, help others, explore and swim in all things Apple, from the beginning. But it is the “feet on the ground” meetings, events and bonding that a good community MUG is known for, and plants its roots in a specific town for.

Well done, Corvallis.

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