Multi-Media Special Interest Group (SIG) by PMUG — Monthly

Event Date: 03/20/2024 9:30 pm

Event Time Zone: (UTC-4:00) Atlantic Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Time

PMUG creates monthly Special Interest Group (SIG) for Multi-Media users

The Portland Macintosh Users Group (PMUG) has created a monthly online meeting for those interested in learning, sharing or teaching  techniques in the spectrum of Multi-Media — which encompasses video, photo, audio, text-to-speech, presentations (Keynote and Freeform), FaceTime, music creation and perhaps other categories.

This SIG will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

The next 1.5 hour Zoom meeting will be Wednesday, November 15, 6:30p Pacific.

You can get the lastest meeting info from the PMUG website

From the August issue of MOUSE TRACKS :

“These days there are so many things going on in the graphics and multimedia world – wouldn’t be it great to have a group to help explore all of these exciting options? With this in mind, several of us have decided to virtually get together to hang and talk about the different types of creative work we like to do, be it photo, video, art, music or other graphic pursuits. Please feel free to join in to share, ask and learn from each other!”

PMUG’s Multimedia SIG launched its first Zoom gathering on 8/16/2023

Request an invite via:

Creatively yours, PMUG

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