Shame on me! — Avoid embarrassing yourself online (article)

Hit the Erase key! Hit the Erase key! … too late.

But next time you’ll be prepared, after soaking in these tips:

Somethings we cannot un-see or un-hear, and that’s the whole point — This pandemic thing has forced more of us into more live online meetings, and while that can be a good thing it also means you should be prepared when that camera and microphone turns green (goes live). It’s not just the bad hair days we want to avoid sharing with the world … no, much worse can happen.

So we recommend, for starters, you read this excellent article by Dan of Dan’s Tutorials.

And yes, we take our own medicine — OMUG has a separate User Account on our Macs that keeps, for the most part, our Apple User Group lives separate from our personal lives (we are using it right now!). Dan’s article will mention a few other goodies to keep you from embarrassing yourself online, so … read it. Unless you really want us to see that red polka dot underwear.



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